My 8 Week Fit for Photos Personal Results 

Meal Prepping and Clean Eating, Healthy Whole Food

Between January 1st and March 1st, I did an experiment in meal prepping that I want to share with you guys.  After trying to meal prep a couple of times before and failing miserably, I took a new approach that worked great for me and I’m confident would work great for you too!  Over those 60 days, I ended up losing 17 pounds of mostly bodyfat (pics below).  Best of all, I did no cardio during that time, didn’t change my usual weight workouts, and took no supplements other than an occasional post workout protein drink.  It was all pretty easy!  I thought some of you might be interested in trying this approach to lose fat as painlessly as possible. 

Client Check-ins

Amber has helped me and my many years of issues ! So thankful I started talking to Amber about this and use her to plan my meals !!


Our first check-in of the challenge has lost 4lbs and .6% bodyfat in his first week! He is replacing his lunch and dinner for all of January with healthy Wildtree prepped meals that "taste good and are satisfying" he says.

So proud of my newest meal planning clients, Angelia and Bud, on their first check in!!

Angelia - Down 4lbs, down 2% bodyfat, and 12.5 total inches

Bud - Leaned out 1% and down 14 total inches

All while eating REAL food!!

Just finished up week two of our Wellness Challenge? Average poundage lost this week is 5.5 lbs.

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