My Story


I am an adventure seeking, dog loving, full figured, fat fighting mom who uses my passion for fitness and nutrition to fill a growing gap – the time gap. For those of us choosing to make that commitment to our health and wellness, find out very quickly how adding in meal planning, increased activity, and more to our already busy lives can seem overwhelming. I’m here to make that process easier for you and set you up for success! Check out my services, then schedule a free consultation to see which one is perfect for you.

My Story

If anyone knows the struggles of trying to regain health and wellness amidst the busy life of being a wife, a mother of 5 children, a career woman, all with a thyroid related autoimmune disease, it's me. I had everything going against me and yet through inspiration, professional education, and working with some amazing people and companies I have lost over 150 lbs. of bodyfat, increased my muscle mass, have run countless 5k races, competed in weightlifting competitions, hold multiple state and national powerlifting records, coach at a fitness center my husband and I now own in Spring Hill, TN, and teach others how to get past their barriers and excuses to create health and wellness success in their life. You CAN do this!

I’m on a mission to educate those that struggle as I did the importance of nutrition, physical activity, and stress reduction. I’ve worked for the past 14 years in the health and wellness industry, being licensed and certified in massage, tai chi, qi gong, meditation. It wasn’t until after our gym purchase that I realized the struggles I share with so many on knowing how to navigate proper nutrition, different types of training, over training, and how to make true and lasting changes in our health so I continued my studies, certifying in personal fitness training, lifestyle weight management, fitness chef to build healthy recipes, Hiit Boxing, and the amazing Fit for Photos program.

With my guidance, you’ll find a plan that’s right for you. Whether it’s at-home workouts, in the gym training, and not-boring-anymore healthy recipes and nutritional guidance that will bring you closer to your goals!


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