Nutritional Information

Nutritional information for our items are listed under their respective description when ordering. However if you are one of our amazing customers that like to customize your meals, the macronutrients for the sides options are not included in the custom protein options. Please see below for nutritional information on our sides.


Asparagus Cals 27 F0 C5 P3
Broccoli Slaw Cals 25 F0 C5 P2
California Quinoa Summer Side Salad with Tropical Flair Balsamic Lime Dressing Cals 116 F3 C18 P4
Corn Casserole (contains dairy) Cals 120 F4 C16 P5
Glazed Carrots Cals 90 F3 C15 P1
Jasmine Rice Cals 205 F.4 C44 P4.3
Paleo Roasted Vegetable Medley Cals 50 F4 C11 P1
Roasted Baby Potatoes Cals 154 F.2 C34 P4
Roasted French Beans Cals 29 F1 C4 P1
Slow Baked BBQ Beans Cals 171 F3 C29 P7
Smashed Sweet Potatoes Cals 112 F0 C26 P2
Steamed Broccoli Cals 31 F0 C6 P3